This is my first post as a blogger on this blog, and we’ll see if I keep it up. My main focus is on the individual preparation for lessons, but this is one of the first weeks I feel “almost” caught up on tasks, so it’s probably alright to add something else to the list. Several new students are joining the studio, our biggest recital of the year is behind us (and far away in the future), and we’re tackling the day-to-day practice of scales, repertoire, fun pieces, ear training, sight reading, music theory, online music games, improvisation, composition, recording, and much more. It’s one of my favorite semesters to teach… the calm after the storm of Christmas recital prep. :) What is your favorite time of the year for music lessons?

Already, I get super excited the morning of each teaching day. Saying hello to my students as they walk in the door is always a highlight of the day… but nothing compared to the satisfaction & joy we both feel when difficult music passages are conquered & something new is learned. But even on the “not so good” days or weeks, we always seem able to find something wonderful to celebrate in the lessons. It’s a wonderful time to be alive, and a wonderful time to enjoy music. Don’t miss out!


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