Wonderful Day!

Today started with a great visit at the Montessori School. Even though lessons won’t begin until March, if they do, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to work with young children as they begin to explore the piano & music lessons in general. It is always a great age with which to work, and I’m excited for the future of music lessons. :)

I’m also considering the possibility of holding a spring recital. So far, 4 students in my studio have requested songs… so, there MUST be interest in having a performance. Something about the Christmas one left everyone wanting more! It really was a super fun, festive, and musical day – I’m so proud of all the musicians with whom I get to spend my days in the studio. :) So, what are some ideas for the spring recital? What should we do similar to the Christmas one, and what is allowed to change? ;)

After the meeting @ the Montessori School, I hung out with my friend Kristin for three hours. It was so nice to catch up! She had her first meal at Panera Bread, and I ordered my favorite… the Smokehouse Turkey Panini. I’m a creature of habit. It’s always what I’ll order when I go. Simply delicious! I’m excited for the upcoming possible times we have in mind for hanging out… maybe swing dancing sometime & bring some friends along?


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