Today is the Day :)

Well, technically in 30 minutes or so, it’ll be the day… the day I teach for the first time at the local Montessori school.  Ten students are scheduled to begin lessons, 30 minutes each, every Thursday (technically looks like it’ll be an 8 hour day or so there).  Did I mention I’m excited?!  ;)  I have honestly never had more than 3 interviews/new students in any given day, but this will be a fun day of “get to know you”, introducing some super exciting piano concepts, hands-on worksheets, coloring, and assessment so I can decide which method books to use.  The ages range from 4-7ish.  I already have the shopping cart in ready to go with my book order, but will need to tweak it a little after getting to know each of the kids.  When I write here again, it will have been after another exciting journey in the life of this piano teacher.

After that, I’ll take a really long nap & read a fun book.  Hope it doesn’t snow until AFTER lessons are done for the day.  ;)

2 thoughts on “Today is the Day :)

  1. Thank you, Hilary :) I had a blast teaching there, and am looking forward to teaching there again tomorrow. I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like, but have caught up on almost everything else… and have a TON of blog ideas. Haha! Always more ideas than time & energy, right? ;)



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