Piano Polish

In 7-8 days, I’ll be beginning Spring Break.  Already, it’s nearly packed… hanging out with friends, completing projects, catching up on sleep, and so much more.  Talitha, Janette, and Julia are three friends I’m delighted to hang out with during that splendid week.  Setting up plans with some others if they are available to do something fun.  :)

I will also be polishing my piano.  In order to avoid a SUPER expensive refinishing bill, I took the advice of my piano tuner & purchased “Howard Restor-a-finish” products for the mahogany wood.  It is supposed to be easy, beautiful, and safe for the piano.  When I’m not bowling, or browsing through antique shops, or going to the movies, that’s where I’ll be… probably on the ground or under my piano making it look beautiful.  ;)  A piano in this studio easily gets 40 hours of playing time each week… it has a full time job!  I can at least give it a fresh outlook on life.  Haha!  Anyway, I’ll post before & after pictures when it comes time.  And, don’t worry – I know to test the polish on an inconspicuous spot first.  But the research has shown that using it on pianos is safe… no complaints found anywhere… anyone have any feedback on that?  Experience or stories?  It doesn’t leave the gunk and build up that normal furniture polishes leave, and it will hopefully help fix the “checkering” of the old finish.  In only 2 years, my piano will be 100 years old!  It’s about time it sees some better days.  ;)


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