Student “0704”

entry from 2/4/12 (Kasey)

She is the younger sister of a very sweet, very talented student I taught for almost 4 years – who now studies under my teacher, Monica (her last piece studied with me was Chopin’s Polonaise in G minor, Posthumous – a beautiful piece).

It was almost a tearful reunion seeing her mom & sister here at the studio today – having the wonderful opportunity to teach this 8 year old young lady. We’re trying a new approach (at least in this studio) for music books. The method book has a rather simple approach after the intense first lesson. We’ll add in dynamics, slurs, staccato, other articulation, change pentascales, and other things to keep it interesting – but jumping into music staff from the very beginning. It’ll be fun! :) She likes to compose & improvise at the piano. And today’s lesson, if it’s any indication of the future, was very bright & exciting.  We included a Notespeller book, and will soon be adding in Sight Reading/Rhythm Every Day and Theory Time (a method we’re recently adding to the studio curriculum – with great success – everyone seems to be enjoying it, even me!).  :)  Supplemental books are in the works too – and super, duper fun!

update from 3/17/12 (Kasey)

She has made great progress with the books we are using already and is very excited to perform in her first recital soon.  She has picked out a fun supplemental music book, and is tackling the staff notes well even without the preparation in pre-reading black & white keys that most students get.  I’m excited to see where lessons take her in the coming months and years.


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