Student “0723”

entry from 2/4/12 (Sarah)
Next was the daughter of a dear friend of mine. In addition to completing all her assignments in her books, we discovered that she knew all 7 of the white key root chords in the Major form. I explained that she could change them to minor (root position) by changing only one note in each. Then when she grasped that, I taught her 5 new chords (C#, Eb, F#, Ab, and Bb). After she then learned the minor versions of those, we went onto diminished & Augmented. Today, she came knowing 14 chords and left knowing 48. She also started her first worship chord chart song, “Here I Am to Worship” in the key of E Major, which is NOT easy. Super fun!

update on 3/17/12 (Sarah)
Amazing lesson!  She has absolutely loved tackling chord charts, lead sheets, and improvisation.  We went over transposing today, Roman Numeral chords, and common chord progressions.  She tackled it immediately.  I am very excited to see what we tackle in the next couple months.  Her assignment this week in improvising is to add a few “bonus” notes to the chord progressions she has been given… making them her own, special, and fun.


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