Student “1125”

entry from 2/4/12 (Hailey)
I then taught a very sweet young voice student – who learned completely two new songs today & has begun to understand & utilize the movable solfieggio system for voice. Wow! She was so excited that when her mom came in at the end, we made sure she had a little performance opportunity – and she shone. Apparently, I give a LOT of high-fives. She got 4, or was it 5, today?

update from 3/17/12 (Hailey)
Since starting voice lessons a few months ago, she has made great progress.  Already, she was confident, had solid pitch, and a contagious passion for singing.  Now, her range has increased, and her eagerness for new songs never stops.  It won’t be long before she finishes the book we are using, and she has already requested much more difficult pieces for her future lessons.  I am excited to work with her on them.  She also has begun piano lessons… using the John Thompson Modern Course for piano.  It is an ambitious system, but she has a natural curiosity for piano & focus that allows her to stay driven to finish what she starts.  For example, the first song in the book, though with every finger number written (something I usually do NOT like), has both hands playing complicated patterns, melodies, and chords.  The book system is set to eventually reduce the number of fingerings until they are basically not needed, but adding to the complexity of the pieces – perfect for students who just want to “add” to voice lessons & have already developed the finger dexterity for piano playing and understand the basic concepts of music.  We haven’t been using that book long (two weeks), but it seems to be going well.  :)  She will soon be preparing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” for a possible recital, and has requested a difficult Christmas song – still working out a title that will work – any suggestions?  :)  It’s never too late or early to work on a Christmas song… even if it is March, April, June, or July.  :)


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