Student “0729”

Student 0729 = Ashton

Today was only the 2nd real lesson we have had.  Having taken lessons over a year ago for approximately 4 months, “Student 0729” came with a somewhat familiar understanding of basic piano.  I decided on some books to get him on track (age range between 9-11)…

We will also add a supplemental book early in the summer.

He came today to his lesson, eager to play, proud of his accomplishments, and unafraid to tackle an improvisation exercise.  Already, this student is thriving in lessons & will make wonderful progress with his level of enthusiasm and commitment to practicing.  I’m honored & excited to see where his lessons lead, and look forward to finding the perfect “pattern-oriented, energetic and beautiful music” he has requested.  Teaching students eager to learn makes my job so enjoyable!  ;)


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