Student “0614”

Student 0614 = Lexi (year 2012)…

She has been taking lessons with me for just over 4 years, and has been named Student of the Month on more than one occasion back when I did that sort of thing.  :)  Every student has their strengths… this week, I decided to test her on her understanding of the music she was playing.  Flawless.  She knew the answer to each of my questions & easily masters her assigned pieces in record time.  At the moment, she is using the Faber Level 3B books & has already completed the finale song of the lesson book (just for fun, we jumped ahead)… “Pachelbel’s Canon”.  It is an ambitious piece for the level, but a delight to play, hear, and perform.

The first time I ever met this delightful young lady was at the first rehearsal of the first girls choir I ever taught in the studio.  She walked in having never met me, grew to know the other girls in the group, tackled the songs quickly, and has been a faithful practicer, performer, attendee, and super fun student ever since.

We have a recital approaching in May, and she has selected 5 recital solos + 1 duet.  We will actually have to cut some of the songs and hopefully have her perform the remaining pieces in a 2nd summer concert.

She is involved in the 7th & 8th grade choir at her school and rehearses daily – last year, they put on a tremendously beautiful, energetic, talented Disney lineup of songs.  This year, it will be a Broadway theme.  I hope to attend the performance if possible!  :)  They will also be competing this week against other schools.  Very exciting!

Always willing to try new things, eager to jump into new songs, and never complaining, “Student 0614” is a dedicated, diligent, fun student to teach – and I’m excited for many more wonderful times ahead.  Keep up the great work!

2 thoughts on “Student “0614”

    • Thank you so much for the link connection, and for passing this on to other musicians in your area of the world! :) I’m honored to be included, and am super proud of all the students who have made this possible.



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