Piece of CAKE :D

Everyone with a passion for music enjoys the extra touches & hard work that it takes to make something so beautiful & delicious – but then again, maybe I am just obsessed with the beauty of a piano.  :)  I would LOVE if you could send me links to pictures of piano cakes & I will add them here to the post along with your name, the website the picture came from, and why you liked it.  :)  Then, at a later date, I’ll compile them all, and we can vote.  Here they are in random order of discovery… I have put a few on here to get us started.  What do you think?

#1: found by Kristin = http://www.flickr.com/photos/yuma_couture_cakes/6708571231/ = it is SO realistic!

#2: found by Kristin = http://vanessascakedecorating.blogspot.com/2010/08/piano-cake-for-piano-recital.html = a quote with so much truth.

#3: found by Kristin = http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/coolest-grand-piano-cake-8.html = looks much like a sewn craft & is very resourceful & fun.

#4: found by Kristin = http://cakecentral.com/gallery/2268320/piano-cake = the epitome of elegance in a cake.  I would NEVER want to eat it!

#5 = found by Kristin = http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/piano-cake-6.html = the simplest of cakes can be made beautiful.

#6 = found by Kristin (website not available) = just love the color, shape, & embellishments.

Cake Photo

6 thoughts on “Piece of CAKE :D

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