Student Achievements, Life :)

I’m so proud of my students.  Often, we get wrapped up in the music accomplishments and forget that piano & voice are only a part of the busy lives of these amazing musicians.  I wanted to recognize a few of them today, and would like to do this more often… let me know if I missed you or something you’d like me to add!  :)

**1111 = does many different forms of dance competitively.  We discovered today in her lesson that I am not flexible and she recently realized that most people aren’t… only amazing athletes (gymnasts, dancers, and similar) are.  ;)  Her piano playing today reached new heights in expression, she has solidly grasped the concept of eighth notes, and she announced today that she loves piano and definitely wants to continue.  I’m so honored to be your teacher!  :)  One of her books, Gold Star Performance Level 2B, has a piece in it with a LONG breath… she loves that part, and we had a lot of fun being dramatic!  Keep up the wonderful work!

**0315 = is AMAZING at sewing.  I’m working on a project and ended up doing it all wrong.  She is as patient as the sun.  ;)  She explained how I would need to remove the stitches and start over, but gently showed me how to do it correctly this time.  :)  I’ll do one step at a time, and ask her help all along.  She is also lending me a sewing machine I got to know well.  I am so grateful for students who count our time together as valuably as I do, building friendships that will last a lifetime.  I appreciate you so much!  She also picked up her new piano books today, and two weeks ago, composed & sang her first composed song for me, bringing me to delighted tears.  :)  Way to go!

**0605 = learned the most exciting version of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony these last few weeks, and is starting another gorgeous classical piece.  She continues to tackle tricky rhythm passages, and we had a lot of fun today going over scale patterns.  She transposed a song from A minor to A flat minor and did a wonderful job at it.  You try changing a piece with no sharps or flats to one with WAY too many flats.  She is one of only a couple transfer students in the studio, but she, like the others had a wonderful start in lessons – this time with a past teacher of mine until she retired from private lesson teaching.  It is such a wonderful thing to be a teacher to a student who wants lessons and enjoys learning.  :)  Great job!  One of the students before her lesson asked me if she would be coming today, because this other student desperately wanted to hear her “Beethoven song” again.  :)

**0907 = finishing up her senior year of highschool.  She started piano lessons with no music background, and has thrived in lessons over the last few years.  Her dedication and love for music shows in the way she plays, every time.  She comes prepared, is diligent, and is always smiling.  She is a TA for an art class at her school (I would have absolutely NO idea what I was doing if I were the TA) and enjoying it very much.  She would like to play in her church soon (she is preparing a beautiful version of a hymn right now) and we will hopefully be able to put on a performance of the highschool & junior high students at a local retirement center shortly, to bring music and joy to the residents there.  I’m so proud of you!

**0607 = there is to be a wedding in the family – so excited for her!  She started learning a chord progression that I’m introducing to every student slowly over the next couple months – we will work on improvising & the students who feel comfortable with this by the end of May will record onto a collaborative CD to be shared with all the participating students.  She LOVED learning about the chord progression (and I demonstrated improvisation to her, using those chords).  I also taught her, by rote, part of Bach’s Toccata & Fugue in D minor.  She is almost ready to finish up Succeeding at the Piano Prep level, and is excited to jump into Level 1.  Her enthusiasm for piano lessons is contagious – and she is full of energy – but when it comes to her songs, she continues to prove she can focus & thoroughly immerse herself in her music.

**0425 = she is involved in volleyball practices and games, has just added dance several times a week, is a bright pianist, and loves her puppy.  Is there much more to say about this young lady?  Yes!  She is a delight, as with everyone, to have in lessons – and she always comes in prepared to tell me something about her week – but ready to sit down and get to work at the piano as soon as we get her books out and ready.  She is focused, driven, has made wonderful progress in her sight reading, and continues to prove she is a strong musician.  She doesn’t shy from trying something new, but definitely prefers to tackle it a couple times with me in the lesson to make sure she has it right, which I love.  Students who do that are preparing for success.  Eventually, I plan on working myself out of a job with each students – my goal is to guide them to be the best musician they can possibly be, and this student is NO exception.  She regularly practices, knows her material, and loves her songs – which makes her lessons so enjoyable.

**1222 = I agreed the other day to sponsor this student in her school’s job-a-thon.  She is in 1st grade, and I had taught her at the local Montessori school last year, before she graduated to a local public school.  To my great surprise & making me (and her family) proud, she ran 28 laps!  Way to go!  If I’d run that many laps, well… I’d never be able to do that.  ;)  She had to stop piano a bit recently, and when she returned, she not only remembered everything from our previous lesson times, but she was ready for new material right away.  She told me at one of her lessons this month, “Miss Kristin, I really like piano.  I want to do it until I’m really good.”  :)  That made me happy.

Time for sleep.  I’m sorry if I didn’t get to put you in this one tonight… I am super proud of you all, and look forward to many great times at the piano with you.  :)  You’ll have your turn, hopefully soon.

~Miss Kristin


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