Highlights (Through the Years)

Do any of you have photos of yourself, loved ones, or students playing the piano when young, perhaps before starting music lessons?  :)


Early this week, my student Chris, who has been making AMAZING progress at the piano – in attentiveness, skill, creativity, and enthusiasm – brought a photo of himself at 2 years old. We were so excited, that I decided to take some photos. Here he is at 7 years old.

My nephew insists on only playing piano if a music book is on the music stand. :)

My mom and my older sister (the mother of my beautiful nephew & niece). I love you all sooooooo much!

My nephew LOVES music. Here he is quite young playing and singing songs of his own making. He is such an attentive & focused little guy.

Spending time at the piano with my niece. :) She loves the piano!

Here is my niece, a little older, giggling as she plays. :)

Guess who is playing the piano here? :) Haha! Apparently, it’s me. ;) Music is just a part of life in my family.

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