Water music!

Additions from Kristin:

What descriptive sounds & beautiful summer special events & locations can you express through music?

My students love to demonstrate the sounds of fireworks, traffic, waves, tall swaying grass, hiking through the woods, water skiing, and much more.

When the weather is beautiful outside (and we live quite a distance from each of our neighbor’s properties), I enjoy opening the windows, feeling the breeze, and playing whatever comes to mind.  And, if a thunder storm darkens the skies, I open the blinds and play along with the lightning (sometimes even turn off the house lights!).  :)

Those are only summer ideas!  :)  What could you compose using other seasons and a bit of imagination?

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Cool off this summer to water music! Have kids create sounds by splashing in the pool or pouring water from one container into another.  Have them plop icecubes into water in different size containers and listen for changes in tone. Water in all its classic forms makes music all by itself. Encourage your musical kids to listen to a stream, the ocean or a waterfall and discover all the different sounds.


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2 thoughts on “Water music!

  1. Nice idea about playing to a thunderstorm – I could picture it :)

    Have a great day! Dad

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    • Thanks, Dad! :) It is always fun playing descriptive scenarios. In lessons, I use foam cards I purchased from the Dollar Tree, in the lessons. The cards say such things as, “Dramatic”, “Scary”, “Happy”, “Waterfalls”, “Fireworks”, “Gentle Stream”, and so on…

      Many of the kids from the Montessori school helped me come up with words too. :) Everyone benefits, and their compositions become more creative all the time. Sometimes, we even record those pieces!



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