More Lessons Overviewed (with some photos) :)

Already, we’re approaching the 4th week of summer lessons… SO many wonderful lessons, and “lightbulb” moments.  I’m super proud of all my students, and am looking forward to the remaining part of the summer.  With everyone, we’re placing a bigger emphasis on playing with feeling & expression & flow.  Also, with the young students, we played “Hi Ho Cherry-O” music edition, and with the older students, we took some time to work on playing with accompaniments using a great app called “Dust Buster”.

To sort of followup on my post from Monday’s overview, here are the lessons from Tuesday & Wednesday, in a short “overview” format.  :)

*Caelyn arranged a wonderful chord progression this week, on video.  Beautifully done!

*Sarah tackled complicated, extensive pieces this week… a normal routine, Sarah: “I practiced this slowly, hands separate.” Kristin: “Let’s hear it, exactly as you played at home.”  Sarah then proceeds to play full tempo, hands together, accurately with details.  Time for more new pieces.  Great job!

*Emma finished her entire set of Faber level 3A books, with flying colors (Emma & I LOVE colors), and began her level 3B this week.  A great accomplishment!

*Erin tackled “Modes” enthusiastically, and approximately 1,000,000,000 times faster than I did back in the day.  Very cool!

*Sidra, relatively new to piano, is conquering “two hands” playing and harmonic intervals, as she tackles her pieces with speed.  We’re excited to start a supplemental music book or two this coming week.  Proud of her!

*Bella & Peyton answered many music questions with ease, focus, and determination.  And, whenever I ask either of these delightful young ladies what they’d like to do next, they answer with something like, “Whatever you’d like to do, Miss Kristin.”  So sweet!

*Haily finished her voice method book… looking for a new one… any ideas?  She also is one of the most careful “hands together from the beginning” students I’ve ever had.  She also has wonderful suggestions for the studio, and carefully writes them on the papers & puts them in our suggestion box.  Super creative!

*Brooklyn was willing to play more than half a dozen songs, once we got started.  She loves to play piano & gets concerned if we start with an activity other than piano (are we going to be able to play piano today?!), and we often don’t notice that we have spent so much time at the piano.  Time just flies!

*Malia, one of my youngest students, was uncertain with a song in her lessonbook, but we gave it a try in the lesson, and she learned it right away!  Jingle Bells is fun for all ages.  :)  She loves to smile and talk as she plays, and keeps right on with her music – focused & enthusiastic all the way.  Too cute!

*Emily is a new transfer student to the studio.  We had an interview this week, and enjoyed going over the Circle of Keys, intervals, chords, key signatures, and roman numerals within a Major key signature.  She played Pachelbel Canon from Faber level 4, and is interested in learning to play church worship chord charts.  I’m excited!

Janelle painted this (thought I'd share)I thought I would mention this beautiful painting too.  Janelle did a wonderful job on it, didn’t she?!  :)  We’ve had it hanging in the studio for several months now.





Kaitlyn blessed me with this magnet

Thank you, Kaitlyn, for this beautiful, sweet magnet!  It’s hanging on the door in the studio!  :)






Modes for Erin

Great job, Erin, with the modes.  I’m looking forward to quizzing you at your next lesson.






Caelyn’s Composition

Enjoy some other photos from the week!

all smiles  :)

Suggestion Box Suggestion Box  :) Hi Ho Cherry-O (music game) Jingle Bells and other songs

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