Recital Programs Covers & Greeting Cards

recital programsI’m ready to start planning the upcoming recitals (Christmas, etc), and recently rediscovered a great pamphlet I have from  You can go to the website, and in the search box type “Recital Programs” or “Recital Certificates”.  Which ones from the search pages do you like?  What should I order when it comes time?  :)  Usually, I just print the programs on an 8&1/2 x 11 sheet (sometimes colorful/solid, sometimes folded/flat).  Time for something new.  :)

recital programs1  recital programs & certificates

2 thoughts on “Recital Programs Covers & Greeting Cards

  1. Great website (! Lots of fun things to see! I vote for Christmas Note Tree for our Christmas recital and then, as applicable, Leaves & Music and Notes & Bubbles! Thanks for being such a great teacher, for keeping us, your students, involved with the studio events, and for always keeping us excited about what’s going to happen next! We love it! Great job, Miss Kristin!


  2. Thanks for the feedback, Emma. :) I’m excited to place that order in a few weeks. It’ll be fun to have something I can print just black ink on, and will still be festive and beautiful. Have a great week and see you at the piano!



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