Piano Dust Buster & Students

I’ll update this post with student progress, photos, and feedback on a wonderful app called “Piano Dust Buster”.  Link here… https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/piano-dust-buster-song-game/id502356539?mt=8 and here http://www.joytunes.com/piano/

This past March, I had the wonderful privilege of meeting a talented group of programmers, arrangers, and musicians at the Music Teacher’s National Association in Anaheim, California during a week of conference meetings.

Thank you, Joy Tunes, for providing studios like mine with great games and activities!  They have four apps we use from time to time… you’ll find those apps/programs on their website at http://www.joytunes.com/index.php

Dust Buster has been very motivating for my students… sometimes, they come into a lesson terribly apprehensive for no apparent reason – so we pull out a game that will get the fingers, minds, and music reading skills flowing.  Or, a student’s lesson ends a few minutes early (and there isn’t time to properly tackle a new concept), so we’ll dust off the iPad and they’ll start playing.  Or, a student wants a challenge and needs to tackle those sight reading skills just a little bit more… so, we’ll pull out the game – and they’ll see how they line up with the rest of the world on that song for the day.

Two such students, Asher & Chris, were playing Piano Dust Buster for the first time AT the piano in their private lessons (it is a wonderful game giving the option to use the iPad as touch… less skill… or to use the iPad live at the piano where it “hears” your notes… more skill).  They chose “more skill – staff, rather than just keys” and played a song, “Hot Cross Buns”… rated difficulty 3, on a range up to 9.  They played it magnificently!  :)


Chris = 7/30/13 = 1st in the world!

Asher = 7/23/13 = 1st in the world!




Chris = 7/30/13 = 3rd in the world!


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