Student’s Writings (first post)

The question in my previous post, “Be on the Lookout for Student’s Writings!” (click here for link), is shown below.  One of my piano/voice/theory students, Hailey, responded with her answer, which I think describes the correlation between music styles & moods VERY well.  :)  What would your answer be?  Contact me privately (kristin@smalltownmusiclessons) for your response to be published separately as it’s own post.  :)

Does listening to background music affect the mood of your writing?  What music do you find most soothing, or perhaps, motivating for the creativity to flow?  Do you find that listening to specific types or styles of music change your overall mood and outlook on life at that moment?


Yes, when I listen to classic music I slow down. When I listen to rock or jazz I speed up. For example today I listened to Celtic Women and I wrote two stanzas. When I listened to hip hop I wrote four stanzas. New age / classic is more soothing but hip hop is more motivating. Yes, because when I listen to soothing music I calm down and get tired. When I listen to hip hop I get more riled up and more out of control.


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