Hailey’s Poem

The question in my previous post, “Be on the Lookout for Student’s Writings!” (click here for link), is shown below.  One of my piano/voice/theory students, Hailey, responded with her answer to question #2, in the form of a BEAUTIFUL poem.  What would you write?  Contact me privately (kristin@smalltownmusiclessons) for your response to be published separately as it’s own post.  :)  We have plans to record an arrangement she composes as background music (or a miniature soundtrack) to accompany her poem.

Hailey, I’m so proud of you!  And excited that you are taking such an interest in participating in these writing projects.  Your poem was sweet, thoughtful, special to me, and beautiful!  I’m including this photo, so you can share it with friends & family – and they won’t miss any part of your message.  Keep writing.  You have a gift.  (for those curious, you will probably need to click on the photo to open a full screen to read Hailey’s poem).  Her work exceeded all expectations!  And her practicing speaks for itself.  Hailey is a great musician, with a lovely voice, a kind heart, a poetic mind, and piano skills!  You made me misty-eyed, Hailey!



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