Online Games

Couldn’t sleep, so I decided to remind my amazing students of the main website we use for online games (including MIDI very soon)… and let you know about another great, new website to match your “Theory Time” theory books.  Temporarily, we are no longer using Tonic Tutor… we may resume again in the future.

THEORY TIME Online Games, to match many of your theory books =

MUSIC LEARNING COMMUNITY Online Games = = for all students, through approximately level 5… and there is a great contest this year in the studio.  :)  Climb the studio ladder of fun game success!  ;)  All musicians at Small Town Music Lessons should be playing the games regularly… you’ll definitely enjoy music more and be expertly fluent readers with the great drills, exercises, and games you’ll find – the more you participate, the more you’ll see the progress.  If you need your login information, please contact me privately.  I just received a very informative email from Chris, the developer of Music Learning Community… she has upgraded many of the features, including a better visual tracker of your progress.  Login, and you’ll see a greenish-blue box labeled “Lifetime Musician” with the word Beta.  Click on that, and enjoy keeping better track!

I’m so proud of you all!


2 thoughts on “Online Games

    • Thanks for the great suggestion, Jennifer! I had forgotten about that site (easy to get lost in the thousands of website bookmarks), but it’s wonderful! :) Okay musicians in my studio,… visit that site too. ;)



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