Emma’s Kitty of 3 Names = “Piano Guy” “Little Man Gray” “Mathew” = he LOVES to hear her practice piano.

My dear friend and student of several years, Emma, wrote me a fun story about the antics of one of her kitties… Piano Guy.  Because he is so special to her, he gets three names… here is what she shared in early September, and I shared here with permission.

September 8th, 2013
Just wanted to share with you something funny Piano Guy did…
About 6:00 this evening I sat down and started to practice my lessons at the piano.  Out of nowhere and as if by magic, Piano Guy appeared on the bench beside me!  I literally had not seen him all day – knew he was around, but had not seen him.  Hadn’t seen him in the morning – hadn’t seen him in the afternoon.  Suddenly, there he was beside me!  Didn’t hear him approach, didn’t hear or feel him land on the bench – just all of the sudden he was sitting beside me looking very happy and listening attentively!  He’s so funny!  He has three names … most kitties have at least two.  Mathew ~ Little Man Gray ~ and Piano Guy.

Do you have a special pet who loves to hear you play piano or sing?  :)  When I took lessons from my teacher, Hannah, more than 10 years ago, she had an adorable kitten who had the funny habit of jumping up on the keys and walking around.  I was often sad when we had to gently place him back on the ground… but he was persistent and often found himself back up on the piano keys accompanying my hands as I played Chopin’s Waltz in A minor, or Jessica’s Theme from Man from Snowy River, or Chopin’s Nocturne in E minor, or Fantasia by Telemann.  :)  I’d love to hear about your studio or practice room companions.

Below is a photo of a generic, but cute, kitty enjoying the piano (I do not know this kitty, but wish I did)… 😀


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