Learning Piano, with Colors & Stickers & Dinosaurs

IMG_3029 IMG_3030

October 27, 2013…

In the two photos here at the top, Sam was learning to find specific white keys by name.  Here he is identifying “D” notes with the popular dinosaurs!  :)  Finding the white keys is a fun process, and he definitely enjoyed it with ferocious (and friendly) dinosaurs up and down the piano.  :)  Great job!
He recently turned 5 years old, and is one of my more energetic students.  I am very proud of him, and am glad to have found a way to make piano fun and real.

There are two major things I’m adamant students should NEVER do or let happen during the course of music lessons…
*Put stickers or labels on piano keys
*Write the names of notes or finger numbers in their books (only I’m allowed to do that with one here or there, until they are advanced enough to only need an occasional one as a guide)

Well, I broke both rules for a week for one student in particular, and now, I won’t be able to slow him down in lessons even if I tried!  Who knew?  :)

Here are some photos of a young pianist’s success at learning to play Randall & Nancy Faber’s arrangement of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in My First Piano Adventures Book A.  He loved it soooooo much, that we went over his song at least 10 times that day, once with a video recording, which he was excited to watch.  :)

It should be noted, that he came to his lesson the week before, rather disinterested in practicing.  The week after I introduced the stickers, he came to his lesson and played his song without the assistance of the stickers, showing that he had begun to understand the correlation between what is on the page of the book and what is on the piano.  His work since then has been even more confident and energetic.  I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming lessons.

The stickers removed easily, and he was allowed to bring some home to use on his piano.



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