What a Wonderful World

Today was a long day… essentially 12 hours from the time I left for my first piano lesson to the time I closed the door after the last one. But this was also a very rewarding, fun day of teaching. I am reminded what a privilege it is to have students who are motivated to practice, simply because they love their instrument and because they want to do their best. I am super proud of you all. Mondays are tough for most of the U.S., but I for one really enjoyed this Monday. :) Tomorrow will be a much shorter teaching day… only 7 hours from start to finish.

The games we played today… Musical Candyland, Musical Hi Ho CherryO, and Musical Chutes and Ladders. Students preparing for the recital moved from “red to yellow”, “red to green”, and “yellow to green” – thankfully no one had to have their pieces moved to “red”.

The highlight of my day… my last two students, a brother and sister, faces smiling ear to ear the entire time they were in lessons. The brother zoomed through 13 pages of his books, and his sister tackled four note values… and they are VERY new! :)

Another two sisters from another family, here for their second lessons, are moving along at record pace… today they played a game together, making the lesson a complete success. The older of the sisters surprised me with an incredibly sweet, encouraging note on the whiteboard… she didn’t even say anything about it… I discovered the message when the next students were here. Thank you!!

Another is ready to accompany vocal students for the next recital (springtime?), and is tackling two piano duets (one with me and another with another student) and a very complicated piano solo.

Another is going to be the first to learn the 2nd soprano part of the vocal trio “What a Wonderful World”, made famous by Louis Armstrong.

For even those not mentioned please know that I am so thankful for you and am looking forward to next week’s lessons. For those who come on days I am too exhausted to write on here,… I would tell you if I were displeased… but that doesn’t happen, does it? Simply because I am immensely pleased and impressed by your excellence. You all are diligent, focused, fun, sweet, and faithful to practice and do your best. I am looking forward to every day I can teach everyone of you amazing 36 students. :)

See you all at the piano!











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