QR Codes Make THE Perfect Presents for Your Students

I absolutely LOVE this idea, and plan on implementing it in the future. If I did, how many would have the technology to benefit from this kind of gift?


Perhaps you’ve seen my “teases” about this post on Facebook? (BTW: Please LIKE my Facebook page here if you card picshaven’t done so already.)

Maybe  you’ve purchased my book and noticed the QR codes sprinkled throughout? (Please purchase my book here just in time for Christmas!)

There is a point to my shameless plugs above. I dropped some hints about the PERFECT gift for my students  this year over social media channels and this gift includes QR codes just like those found in my book.

Let me explain…

Last year I offered my students a craft to make as a gift to their parents. Read all about it here. As they are already spoiled by my Music Money store, I thought it best that I provide a gift to the parents during the holiday season. They are the true peeps to recognize as they pay the bills and drive…

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