Want to play MLC on your iPad?

Did you know that you can play the MLC (Music Learning Community) games on your iPad? :)


Want to play MusicLearningCommunity.com on your iPad? It is possible! All you need is an app that allows for ‘flash’ games. A couple years ago I had downloaded iSwifter. At the time it was a set price, but from what I hear now it is free to download and then it’s an in app subscription. I also noticed some complaints that they now had pop up ads. I didn’t notice any the other day when I was using it so it’s possible that has even changed since it wasn’t giving them very good reviews. I was looking for some other options and Photon Flash Player for iPad is on sale for 1/2 off right now!  ($4.99 vs. $9.99) Now being the “app addict” that I am I went ahead and took advantage of this sale and downloaded the Photon Flash Player for iPad app. I tried MLC and it works just…

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