St. Patrick’s Day Game Sneak Peek

This looks like it’ll be a great game! Maybe time to pull out my laminator! :)
Thanks, Sara :)

Sara's Music Studio

As promised, here’s a sneak peek at the game board for our new St. Patrick’s Day game. I’m still working on the final touches for the “Coin Challenge” cards. Tomorrow I’ll be in search of the perfect game piece to use!


This game focuses on rhythm skills, and can be played with almost any rhythm flash card set. I’m going to use the Rhythm Cards from Color in My Piano. (They’re still on SALE until the end of today!)

More Game Details: In our studio, we normally play games while seated on the floor. It gives us a chance to mix things up a bit and get away from the bench. This time, I wanted a game that would get students moving. Each time you land on a shamrock with a coin on it, you have to complete a “Coin Challenge” card. These cards will get your students…

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