Today feels momentous… it is the day SmallTownMusicLessons has surpassed 10,000 website views from real visitors. This blog/site has been live approximately 3 years, after moving from a Microsoft Frontpage hosted/built site I created about 10 years ago. Does anyone remember that one?


What has your favorite post been? My favorites are always the ones in which a student has enjoyed music and makes a great discovery or overcomes a hurdle… and photos are included of smiles and excitement! Makes teaching music just that much more amazingly wonderful.

Thank you for following the studio happenings, and for all your tremendous support. :) It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to teach so many gifted and enthusiastic students. I am proud of every single one of my students and all the hard work they continually put into their practice times and lessons, to make their music journey great. :)


4 thoughts on “10,000

    • Thank you, Emma! :) Couldn’t have done it with all my amazing own family, my wonderful studio families, and my great friends & supporters.



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