2013-2014 in Review

Each year, something new happens, and something makes an impression in my mind as a teacher. Something gets in the way, and something clears the way. Each year, I am excited to see what will happen next. :)

This past year in review, since the beginning of June 2013, last summer…

  • Many, new students entered the studio, and there is a long waiting list.
  • I both tightened and relaxed certain aspects of the studio policy.
  • Website has grown, and the studio has seen an increase in the number of students.
  • We switched from Tonic Tutor to MusicLearningCommunity to PianoMaestro.
  • We switched from Music Teacher’s Helper to MyMusicStaff.
  • We had a bigger, more varied Christmas recital than ever… guitar, and several voice performers were added to the program of mostly piano entries.
  • Many students have been highlighted on this website for great accomplishments, and for participating in new studio games.
  • Kaitlyn sang with Carrie Underwood, as part of Make a Wish Foundation.
  • I have been in the ER and urgent care, and been on at least 10 different typical meds with bad reactions to several, but that should be over. I have been feeling great, and have more energy than I have had in years, and getting better naturally.
  • Local vacations a few times.
  • My brother met a wonderful young lady, and they are engaged now!


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