Personal and Professional Goals = NCTM, UMT, MDP, RCM

One of my major focuses as your music teacher, is to continue to challenge myself and learn new things.  To set milestones & goals for improvement, I have decided to begin the task of certification in a few areas in the music & teaching realm.

For more information on what I plan to pursue sometime on the near horizon as a current member of MTNA (Music Teacher’s National Association) & OMTA (Oregon Music Teacher’s Association)…

Ultimate Music Theory (UMT) – probably the 1st thing I’ll do.
I know the creators & administrators of this course personally, and am excited to take the plunge!

Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) – probably the 2nd thing I’ll do. (this is a different state’s website, but a lot of the info is helpful in explaining what it’s all about)

Music Development Program – part of the Royal Conservatory of Music (MDP in the RCM)

For the benefit of my students, I’ve been researching and learning about a great program that recently has arrived in the U.S.A., and plan on bringing interested students through the program.  Find out more here…


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