PianoMaestro = Level 19!

Hi Lindsay!  :)

I’m writing a letter to you on the website.  I was updating what I know of students’ accounts in PianoMaestro, and was thrilled to see you’ve moved up to level 19!  So far, you’re in the lead behind the studio account used by multiple students without individual accounts.  Keep up the great work, and have a blast.  :)  The games are fantastic, provide you with the wonderful opportunity to play with background/accompaniment arrangements matching your songs.  It helps you learn to play with a “band”, reinforce the songs you are learning from Piano Pronto, and give you the opportunity to play many famous, popular songs I’m not as “up to date” with as you!  In fact, you’ve been showing me a lot of great music I never would have even known exists.  I’m excited to see how far you progress in the game each week, and can’t wait to hear about it at your next lesson.

~Miss Kristin

P.S.  For anyone curious about PianoMaestro, it is a FREE app for anyone with an iPad when your account connects with mine – but you must inform me that you have the app installed, so I can send you an invite to allow the account connection… but don’t worry, your account is always secure.


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