Checking In :) 2014 Recital Checklist, that is :)

Just thought I’d post something and let everyone know…

1. Student Christmas Gifts are Assembled and Ready
2. Recital Performances are in Order
3. Recital Venue and Sound are Confirmed
4. Recital Supplies and Paper Reception Products are Purchased
5. Student Vocal Pieces are Coming Together
6. About 1/2 of All Piano Songs are Ready, and Everyone Has Music
7. Changed Printed Program Plan – to a simpler, cheaper, easier to read/follow solution than originally imagined… it will be the same as 2013, instead of 2011.
8. and I wish I could keep adding things to this list… because it is fun to be so ahead of schedule on my side of things :) There are many more to do…
9. Oh! And the recital color theme for decor, programs, gifts, and various odds and ends… red and white/silver :) Just a fun tidbit.

What have you, students and parents/family, been doing to get ready for our studio recital? Or any other teachers preparing for a recital in your studio?

2 thoughts on “Checking In :) 2014 Recital Checklist, that is :)

    • Thank you, Lynn! :) I definitely try – had a tougher time this year with the prep, but it was all worth it. :) I’m so proud of my students! They worked very hard preparing for this recital.



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