Sidra’s Performance, according to her Dad :)

Sidra did a fantastic job performing at the studio recital this past December. Her Dad wrote a wonderful post about his observations and love for his sweet, determined daughter as he saw her tackle any obstacle or potential frustration.

She proved she can perform with poise and musicianship in front of a packed auditorium of supporters. I’m proud of you, Sidra. What a wonderful gift for your parents to put together these posts highlighting your growing up years. I’m excited piano gets to be a part of your life, and am honored to be your teacher. :)


Hi Sidra,

You had your second piano recital yesterday and you stunned your mother and I with a flawless performance.  Why were we stunned?  Like last year, you were not very good in your practices in the 24 hours leading up to the performance.  Your timing was off, and you were just plain missing some notes.  Naturally, we were nervous about how you would do at the performance.

While listening to the other players you were nervously passing the time with your friend Esa who would be one of the players in a quartet with you later in the show.  As I watched you anticipate your turn as you kept looking at the program I wondered if you would respond the way you had last year.  Because of that I was mildly confident.  Yet in the back of my mind was the stumble you had at the end of first…

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