Your Assignment for Recitals

I am in the process of examining new, simpler ways to hold and present recitals, so we can have them often. I’d love to hear/read your feedback and plan the future years going forward.

I’d love for students to host their own recitals at home if they would like performance opportunities…

  1. Select Pieces – give yourself plenty of time to learn and perfect them
  2. Prepare Pieces – let me help
  3. Invite Guests to Your Home
  4. Prepare a Printed Program for Attendees
  5. Introduce Yourself and Your Music
  6. Perform with Recital Attire, Bow/Curtsy, Applause from Audience
  7. Serve or Request Refreshments
  8. Record Your Performances and if you upload, send me a link to share :)
  9. Take Photos
  10. Give me a copy of your printed program and I will write about your big accomplishment on the studio website
  11. Have fun!

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