Jennifer Eklund and Kristin Yost

I am honored to know and support these amazing ladies and business minds, in the studio. They have done so much for my students and me as a teacher – bringing life and energy to the music we have all been enjoying these past couple years.

50 Ordinary Women

Kristin Yost (L) and Jennifer Eklund (R) Kristin Yost (L) and Jennifer Eklund (R)

Thank you for agreeing to the interview! I admire both of you for your business savvy and how you’ve given the label “piano teacher” a whole new meaning. Can you tell us a little bit about your early piano lessons?

Jennifer: I started studying at the age of 6 and studied with a variety of teachers before finally settling with my primary instructor who I worked with for about 6 years before she retired. We had a wonderful rapport and she went to great efforts to expose me to all types of music but with classical music as the primary focus.  She was a wonderful, supportive teacher, and she helped mentor me at age 14 when I started teaching my own students. My teaching methods and style are based largely on how she taught.

Kristin: Like Jennifer, I began with lessons at age…

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