The Piano Guys – studio contest :)

ThePianoGuysOver the summer, I’ve been giving several students a special assignment… to watch videos created by “The Piano Guys” and making a list of all the amazing places they perform for those videos – and a few other details they’ll only know by watching them.

Imagine playing piano & cello in a jungle, on the bed of a train, on a clifftop, on the Great Wall of China, on the sands of a beach, in a field of wild grass, in an ice cave, on an ice rink in New York City with ice skaters skating all around, and many more.

During the school year 2015-2016, I’ll have a contest of sorts, to see who can find & analyze as many as possible… more info to follow, but here you’ll find their videos, where I suggest you start watching – and enjoy!  I absolutely love their videos and am beyond excited each time they release a new one :)

A chart in the studio will showcase the number of songs students complete using the chart below – 1 sticker per song + 1 sticker for doing the bonus composition & sending it to me.  10 stickers will add 100 points to your Piano Points (previously called “Monopoly Money”) Tally – 500 points = $5 gift card (Target/TCBY/Amazon).  The forms must be completed thoroughly – incomplete charts will be sent home for finishing.  The work must be the student’s own – parents can assist with writing (dictation) & navigating youtube safely.  Each chart has room for two songs – but if you only complete one that week, that is fine – feel free to submit it :)  Have fun!

Link to Videos =

Link to Studio Document (pdf version) = ThePianoGuys Chart


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