The Power of “Play it Again!” (please)

Wonderful article on practicing, routines, and parental support. Essential reading! :)

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Last week my children were starting to push back when I asked them to go and do their piano practice. Each morning before school they both do 10-20 minutes practice. This has been the routine since they started learning piano last year. So when they started to go through a “I don’t want to” phase, I wasn’t surprised, but didn’t give them any room for negotiation.

Instead, after discussing why practice was important, I asked them how they felt about practicing and if they thought it helped them learn and improve. Both of them nodded reluctantly. I want them to enjoy their playing, but as we know practice isn’t always going to be fun. So I had a think about what I was doing when it came to their practice sessions. I have a hands-off approach with their piano practice. As much as it pains me to listen and…

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