JoyTunes and MTNA Part Two

Wonderful article! Talks about new technology, the MTNA conference in Chicago, and amazing innovations in her music studio. :)


If you haven’t noticed, my loyalties are divided between technology and creativity. As much as I desire to teach and promote creativity, IJoytunes-logo---no-background am equally passionate about THE tech device of the century–the iPad. So the second half of my MTNA 2014 report will cover my activities associated with all things iPad.

First, I can honestly say that lugging my laptop along to Chicago was absolutely pointless. Both of my presentations were created with Keynote on my iPad Air. The app works like a charm and in my opinion created first-rate presentation slides. With the hotel Wi-Fi incredibly pricey, the only time I accessed email was via my phone or late at night with my iPad in the lobby where there was free Wi-Fi. Note to self: leave the laptop behind next time.

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