Organizing and Updating the Piano Lab

This is inspirational! I’m always dreaming of ways to be more organized and uniform. Your piano room is beautiful, Jennifer!


I teach on my Yamaha Disclavier in my living room. Adjacent to it is my piano lab room. This is the room that I get to have FUN with! So this weekend I wanted to organize and update the look of the room. I was running out of room for all my piano games and manipulatives so I got rid of my cubbies that I didn’t use at all last year and replaced them with two 9-drawer units from IKEA. (Amazon has these too, but they were asking twice the amount! So I opted to get them straight from IKEA)

When I opened the package I was a little worried because nothing was labeled. I had two of these to put together so I knew it was going to be an all day project. My husband owns a videography business on the side and June is his busy…

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