Parking Lot Music Game Quiz

I got this wonderful idea from… (found it on pinterest) – and decided to adapt it for music lessons. Eventually, I will make another for music terms, or key signatures/pentascales, etc. the possibilities are endless!

The tri-fold small board will fit perfectly in the box I bring each week to the Montessori school – which will make it easy to use at both teaching locations. Expanded (opened), it is 22 inches wide and 14 inches tall. Closed, it is 11.2 inches wide and 14 inches tall. It’s truly perfect!


Purchase it here (currently $1.97)… Elmer’s Mini Corrugated Tri-Fold Display Board, 14 x 22 Inches, White with Kraft Backing (730109) –

Enjoy! I am excited to quiz students as they play with this parking lot and the 20 Hot Wheels cars (Hot Wheels 20 Car Gift Pack – Styles May Vary – :)

I’ll update with photos from lessons in future posts. :)









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