Retirement Center Recital – don’t ever stop

This was written in 2013, but applies well to this year – for our performance on December 5th, 2015 (already in the past).

I am so proud of you. Fourteen students will be performing a variety of piano solos and duets at a local retirement center recital this weekend, and that very fact makes a teacher teary-eyed. ;) You all are working hard, practicing and following instructions, and eager to share your music with others… in this case, some who are unable to go somewhere outside their home to hear music live. Something special happens when someone sits down to play piano. The day grows brighter. We forget the stresses and troubles of life, and relax in the beauty of the music.

So, kiddos and teens alike – as you play at this recital, just remember,… you are bringing beauty with you. When you sit to IMG_7855play the piano, don’t just think about the notes, timing, beats, fingerings, dynamics, expression, articulation, pedaling, or your bow – also, make the music come alive. How would you like to hear that music on a day when you most need to hear music… on a day when you most need the distraction, the encouragement, the sound, the interaction, the complicated patterns, or the stress management?

I am so proud of you. No matter what mistakes happen, I know you will handle your performances professionally and with grace. I know you will visit and reach out and give up your seat if the need is there. I know you will come prepared, with music in hand, and bright smiles. I know you will let me know if you are nervous or need a reassuring hug or handshake.

Because truly, I (and your families too) am just super pleased that you have chosen to share your music with others. That heart to share your music – don’t let your willingness to share your music ever stop. We are so proud of you.

See you soon!
~Miss Kristin

3 thoughts on “Retirement Center Recital – don’t ever stop

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