Two Games that Guarantee Group Lesson Fun

I love these ideas :)


In need of games for your next group lesson, piano party or summer camp? Here are two activities to implement that promise minimum effort coupled with maximum potential for fun and learning.

Game #1: Piano Charades

DecideNow 2 It is SO easy to customize the wheel to anything you prefer

My favorite app for this game is called Decide Now–only 99 cents!  Although it’s not a music related app it is so easy to customize that you won’t be able to stop using it. Piano Charades is just one example of how I implement this versatile app to reinforce music terminology by students acting out Italian terms at the keys. Here are the steps:

1) Call out words such as: piano, forte, fermata, ritardando, presto, largo, etc. and nudge students to act them out physically. This means YOU need to do it, too. For example: piano could be walking on tip toes while ritardando

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