The Teacher’s Job is More Than Teaching

The Teacher’s Job is More Than Teaching (visit that link for the article)  :)

SO much of this remains true, even from 5 years ago.  :)  What does a teacher’s job look like in your mind?  I find my mind NEVER stops as I plan lessons, invent ways to motivate, and keep up with the business aspect of this job.  My favorite parts though certainly are… teaching, making note of student’s landmarks in their music journey, more teaching, and working alongside parents to help make lessons an enjoyable and educational experience.  I’m honored & delighted you have chosen me as your teacher.  :)  I’ll do my best to live up to your every expectation, and if I don’t, I expect you to remind me of your specific goals – and we’ll create a plan TOGETHER to help those happen.  Have a wonderful rest of the summer, and see you again in the school year (if not sooner)!  :)


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