Shopping List for Music Teachers

(to be updated) – what would you add to this list?

  • I love pedal extenders for my little ones! I require all students who are short in stature to purchase. They usually sell it once they don’t need it any more to an incoming student.
  • Melissa and Doug Band in a Box. Great price and awesome variety of quality instruments that I use for various rhythm activities.
  • Mini erasers galore, stickers, stickie notes, handheld white boards and markers, magnetic board, laminator, dice
  • Basket of high quality instruments from studio west, giant scarves, floor piano
  • Don’t forget to get the correct expo pens, so your white boards are not ruined. Please add expo cleaner and wash cloths to erase and clean the white boards. Ps. You don’t need an expo eraser. Wash cloths work fine.
  • White binders to make studio assignment binders with and to keep digital music in. Pencils. Highlighter markers.


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